Diversity and inclusion within Valoris Center

At Valoris Center, we are committed to incorporating essential characteristics of inclusion and diversity into the organizational culture.

We are all different, and our differences make us unique and valuable. Valoris Center values diversity, and we believe that we can get the best results when we work together in a diversified atmosphere. We cultivated a diverse climate, where good ideas arise, and we constantly improve our performance. Regardless of race, gender, nationality, religion, or age, we all have the same goal: to become the best.

We focus on providing our employees with autonomy, such as the ability to make decisions and propose changes. Over time, we have formed a work environment in which each person is valued and respected, and each idea is taken into account, analyzed, and capitalized. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination within the company. Discrimination based on race, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, age, or any other factors, unrelated to professional activity is prohibited and punishable within the Valoris Center. Everybody is treated equally, fairly, and impartially.

„We intended Valoris to be a center of diversity and inclusion from the beginning, and we took all steps to make that happen. We’ve consistently demonstrated that different people bring new perspectives and ideas.
Each one of us is unique. We see circumstances from a different lens, and this leads us to exceptional results.
We’ve built and promoted an inclusive culture in which everyone on the Valoris team is treated equally, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religious belief, or sexual orientation.
When it comes to evaluating colleagues, the criteria we consider are permanently focused on their knowledge and professional background within the company.
We will continue to ensure that all members of the Valoris team enjoy coming to work, that their ideas are appreciated, and that they are valued for who they are.”

Cristina Man – General Manager Valoris Center

Diversity and inclusion can indeed be found in all of Valoris Center’s business activities, as well as in our interactions with every one of our partners, including customers, suppliers, and employees.

A group of young people, friends in white t-shirts, fun ride on carts near the store, supermarket, friends having fun, laughing in Sunny weather. Shopping, discounts, outdoors

To create a more inclusive work environment, recruitment is conducted in a transparent manner, with differences made solely for professional reasons and not for other reasons. We offer equal opportunities to all current and potential employees.

Recruitment processes are conducted fairly for all candidates, with no discrimination based on religion, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, or other aspects.

Valoris Center’s financial and non-financial benefits are based on objective criteria related to a person’s professional skills.

We act without prejudice and respect the diverse character of each person, which helps us to evolve daily.

✔ In Valoris we find employees of all ages, in different positions, from Gen Z to Baby Boomers.
✔ At Valoris we support both women and men in management positions, and we are proud that more than 50% of the managers are women.
✔ Over 65% of our colleagues are women.

We want to further promote diversity and inclusion and at the same time strengthen equal professional opportunities for the future.