Meet your customers everywhere 

These days it is crucial for your customers to be able to reach you on the channel or channels they prefer. Offering multichannel assistance means to be present everywhere your customer needs you.

Why us?

Along with our multichannel experience, we can also enhance professional tools, integrate the channels and drive a better customer experience.
Our agents are skilled in verbal and written communication. We master the differences between the two types of communication and we always use the best approach for each one.

We have the efficiency formula

Multichannel requires efficiency in managing resources. We have the skill to allocate agents on mixed channels, in order to provide the solution that will adapt to your needs.

Increase customer satisfaction

Multichannel support will increase your customer satisfaction and will allow you to have a better perspective on the support service your company is offering.

Our support channels:

Even in 2022 phone calls are still important. They can build bridges between you and your customer, quickly solve problems, even boost sales. Our dedicated teams can cover your phone calls and add value to your interactions.

We offer scalable email support services at high-quality standards. We set up procedures so you can be sure that your company will never miss an email from a customer and that all will be answered quickly and effectively.

Sending messages to your customers or audiences has never been easier. Payment reminders, other notifications or updates can be sent out fast, directly to the people you need to reach.

Most customers expect to see a live chat option when they visit your website. It’s friendly and easy to customize and can increase satisfaction level up to 30% compared to classic channels. You will provide a mix of predefined answers and skilled agents interactions. This will enhance faster replies to frequent asked questions, will save you a lot of time and will always provide correct information to your customers. It is an efficient and personal channel that allows 3 up to 5 simultaneous conversations to happen. Live chat is a secure connection, GDPR compliant service, that can be integrated to CRM software.

Our agents are ready to connect with your customers, in front of the camera. This highly interactive solution will create real value for your business. It is the most personal experience we can offer.

Social media is about connection and we have the means to build real connections with your customers. A good reputation in social media means a better customer engagement. As we’ll become the voice of your company, we’ll deliver the best experience.

Are you available where your customer needs you?

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