Video identification service

As financial services are now available online for global users, fraud and scams are present too. To be sure that your service is secure, remote video identification is the solution. It is a quick procedure that assists with customer onboarding, fraud dismissal and overall customer experience.

Why us?

We have knowledge and the staff for this solution, and we are happy to customize it to your needs. Increase your security level with our security experts, they will connect on live video with your customers and offer them guidance for the identification.

Why is video enrolment secure?

Video enrolment is a secure method because compared with other ways of identity check (document pictures, selfies etc.) it can hardly be hacked. The verification is live, so no pre-recorded materials can trick our enrolment experts.

Avoid risks

You can now waive potential risks of unauthorized transactions through a simple process we’ll set for you. With dedicated experts, we always have customer care in mind, so a simple identification process can lead to satisfied clients that will return to you.

Do you need a secure way to identify your customers?

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