Contact Center

By using Valoris Contact Center service you’ll provide the best support services to your customers, you'll drive their loyalty towards your brand and you’ll increase the number of your clients. In an economic environment where new challenges arise daily and value-added services became a requirement, we’ll help you obtain the competitive advantage that you need.

Back-Office Services

Administrative tasks are time consuming and they distract your employees’ attention from activities that bring added value to your company. In order for them to be able to focus on the truly important projects, Valoris takes on these repetitive tasks, offering to its partners a wide range of back office services, including data entry and document management activities. This way, you can cut administrative costs and streamline your entire team’s activity.

Training Programs

In order to develop your employees’ professional know-how and to improve their performance, we offer you the expertise we’ve gathered in over 10 years, which was materialized in a set of training programs meant to develop soft-skills. They tap into subjects such as Effective Communication, Customer Care and Telesales, tailored for your industry.

SaaS Solutions

Virtual PBX

PBX Switchboard
The PBX solution Valoris provides is a flexible and easy to use system, for which you will only need VoIP phones (physical devices) or the Cisco IP Communicator clients (software) installed on your computers.
You will benefit from a complete system with multiple functions that will allow you to optimize your telephony costs, to customize the way your clients’ calls are being answered to by using welcoming, on-hold and out of office messages.
You will also receive guidance from our specialists to implement the best solutions for your company.


Virtual Call Center

Valoris provides a cost-effective call center solution that will help increase your business’ profitability. You can hire qualified people worldwide, the only requirement being an Internet connection.
You’ll benefit from minimal implementation costs and flexible payments methods, such as a Pay as You Go system based on monthly or annual subscription per workstation.
Additionally, the 99.70% system availability ensures a maximum response rate for each client.


Virtual Contact Center – full package

Would you like a complete, cost-effective and efficient solution that will optimize your company’s activity?


Virtual PBX

A customized solution that allows you to reduce the costs of maintaining and hosting this type of system and to connect IP phones from different locations in a single network.

Virtual Call Center

Cisco software tools used for the customer support process ensures increased productivity by offering easy access to information and advanced reporting&analysis features, adapted to your business.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution

Offers an overview for both the attained results and the interactions between the clients and your company’s representatives.

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