6 September 2022

The benefits of a multichannel contact center solution

Multichannel solutions help to meet customer expectations any time and anywhere. To create a positive experience with the company, it is essential to provide the customer […]
19 January 2023

4 reasons to outsource to Eastern Europe

The business Service Sector is increasing yearly, and BPO has seen an increase in the last years too. Statista shows the countries revenue from Eastern Europe […]
19 January 2023

5 things you should know when starting your career

Are you a college student or a recent graduate and don’t know what to do next? At some point, we have all been here. Every person […]
19 January 2023

How outsourcing can effectively reduce costs

Outsourcing is becoming increasingly prevalent in the era of digitization and is regarded as an effective way to reduce costs by hiring qualified professionals. Many services […]
19 January 2023

Customer Experience: 8 statistics you should know in 2023 [Infographic]

Since 2020, there has been a shift in consumer behaviour. Due to technical advancement and the speed of procedures, customers choose a better experience, even if […]